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Why Trouble Oneself With An IIPP?


What IS an IIPP?


     This is a document named the Injury Illness Prevention Program.   It outlines the policies and procedures a business must take to ensure their operations are conducted in their most efficient and safest manner.  The Federal Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) and California Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) [or, more commonly known as CalOSHA] both require every business to have an IIPP of their own.


     There are numerous businesses that can survive without this paper.  Offices, most retail concerns and businesses with ten or less employees can forego this requirement, so long as they explain the safety requirements of the business to their employees.  That is, until something goes wrong.


     The IIPP has an outline of eight topics.  1: A line of responsibility for implementing this program;  2: A system of inspections concerning personnel safety within the business;  3: A procedure for investigating an accident occurring within that business;  4: A method for ensuring the correction of any unsafe item identified through an incident or inspection;  5: A comprehensive training program consisting of safety operations and procedures related to the business;  6: A system of definite communications between the management and employees;  7: A system for ensuring employee compliance with the stated, health and safety practices;  8: The maintenance of records outlining the history of application and compliance of the required safety regulations.


     All this sounds like a lot of regulatory red tape.  In essence, though, this is a solid means for a business to set up, implement and record a safety program that will keep them in business.  Done properly and kept current, it is a most effective means of defending one’s business from lawsuits and litigation.  Some will consider safety ‘a money pit’, a means of wasting time end effort for no return.  That is, until something goes wrong.


     It does not matter whether a business has hundreds or just two employees.  In the event of a serious incident, CalOSHA will request an inspection.  Their first question will be to see the businesses written IIPP.  Without a procedure and documentation, the inspection will definitely go badly for all involved.


     The IIPP does not have to be complicated.  It does have to match the needs of the business, though.  Kept current, it is a most effective means of defense and protection from much litigation.  Safety may seem like a money pit.  Nonetheless, it saves more than just money when done properly.

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