Directors & Officers

There is little directors and officers can do to diminish the complexity of the business, legal and regulatory environment in which they operate. Directors and officers operate in an extremely difficult environment. The fundamental principles governing their conduct have come under increasing judicial and regulatory scrutiny. However, a great deal can be done to protect the personal assets of the directors and officers. Basi Insurance Services recommends D&O policies for these benefits and options:

  • Legal cost reimbursement:  D&O policies can provide defense cost coverage for a variety of claims.
  • Corporate reimbursement coverage indemnifies directors and officers of the organization.
  • Protection beyond indemnification. Side-A coverage can provide D&O coverage for personal liability when directors and officers are not indemnified by the firm.
  • Entity coverage for claims made specifically against the company is an option.
  • Flexibility. A variety of coverage limits are available depending on company size.