Planning to Travel During Summer Vacation? Read These 5 Important Tips First

Date: May 26, 2017
By: Basi Insurance


Summer is the biggest travel season in the U.S. and abroad, with singles, families and couples all taking advantage of milder, sunnier weather to enjoy new sights and shake off the stresses of the working world. As fun as summer vacation can be, travel does take some careful planning to make sure you have complete peace of mind while you’re out and about. Here are a few important steps you can take ahead of time to ensure your travel plans are hassle-free and designed for ultimate enjoyment.

  • Don’t post about your summer vacation plans on social media, and discuss them with as few people as possible. It doesn’t take much to alert would-be thieves that your home will be sitting empty, and that’s like an invitation to break in and steal. Wait until after you get home to post your pics and travel stories.
  • Invest in some “smart” timers to control your lights and even your TV while you’re away from home. Turning lights on and off at different times makes it look like someone’s home and can play a big role in deterring burglars.
  • Don’t forget to have your mail held, and if you’re planning a long trip, have your lawn mowed as well. If you have a landline, turn the ringer off. Ask a trusted neighbor to remove flyers from your door and keep outside flower pots watered.
  • Install a smart doorbell. These doorbells feature small cameras, and they can alert you via your smartphone when someone rings the bell. A built-in speaker lets you respond so you can make it seem like you’re home, but just too busy to answer the bell.
  • Consider installing a home security system. Prices have dropped substantially in recent years, and there are some systems you can even install yourself. Before choosing a system, call your insurance company to see if the system you’re considering qualifies you for a policy discount.
  • When renting a car, think carefully before purchasing insurance at the rental counter. In many cases, your homeowner’s or car insurance policy may provide enough coverage without the need to purchase additional policies. Some premium credit cards also offer rental car coverage. If you plan on renting a car during your summer vacation, call Basi Insurance first and check with your credit card company to see if additional coverage makes sense or if you already have enough protection in place. If your policy doesn’t include rental coverage, ask about adding it. It’s very affordable.

Travel is one of the biggest pleasures of summer, especially for families with school-age kids. Taking a few simple precautions before hitting the road for your summer vacation adventure can help you maximize your fun while leaving all your worries behind.

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