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Date: Jun 30, 2020
By: Basi Insurance

Safety training class

We want to build relationships with our positive culture. Let us assist you in creating a comprehensive Safety and Health Program. We can customize your safety program to meet your needs at NO COST, and Basi Insurance sets the standard for a functional system that is easy to navigate and understand.

Injury & Illness Protection Program:  As you know, every employer in California is required by law to provide a safe and healthful workplace for his/her employees. We can provide a specialized written safety program (SB-198) designed for your industry.

Claim Management and Analytics:  Claims, analytics, risk management, and safety are all items we can help you address. Accident, injury, and incident investigations included.

OSHA Forms:  300 log online reporting can be confusing. We can help with Cal-OSHA compliance, walk-through, record-keeping, and form assistance.

Experience Modification Management:  We can do an “Ex-Mod” analysis for your business and see where your losses are occurring. The customized safety program we develop to target those losses will help you save on your Workers’ Compensation rates. Once it is in place, you can even monitor your own progress. We review our clients’ businesses regularly so we can see any trends that may trigger needed safety focus.

Access Customized Safety Services Online:  Check out our Client Portal here on the website. It will take you to information that is applicable to your specific safety needs. With just an email and password, you can access not only your account information but also topics such as Risk Management, Workplace Safety, OSHA, and compliance issues.

Sexual Harassment:  We provide a full range of training programs for all businesses, and sexual harassment training is no exception. Let us help you address this issue with new hires and existing employees.

Occupational Safety Training:  Our safety experts can help with employee/managerial training and new hire safety orientation. We also offer many other safety programs including:  blood borne pathogens, fire and electrical safety, ergonomics, back injury prevention, and many more.

Our Customer Guide for Workplace Safety & Compliance Course Titles:  Injury & Illness Protection Program (IIPP); Confined Space; Heat Stress Safety; Respiratory Protection (FIT Test); Hearing Protection; Personal Protection Equipment; Lock Out/Tag Out; Aerial Lift/Scissor Lift; Forklift; CPR/First Aid; Hazard Communication; Tractor Safety. There are more not listed here. Ask your agent about all of the FREE safety courses we offer or check them out here on our website. *Training available in both English and Spanish

Confined space safety training class

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