Schedule those Back-to-School Doctors’ Appointments

Date: Aug 4, 2014
By: Basi Insurance

For many families, part of back-to-school prep includes taking children to a variety of medical exams. Doctors, dentists and optometrists tend to get busy in August because of the late-summer rush, so it might be a good idea to reserve an appointment as soon as possible. Children and teens should always have yearly exams to discuss concerns, address small health issues and monitor their growth and other normal physical changes.

shutterstock_137494622Annual Back-to-School Physicals and Exams

Doctors’ appointments: Kids need to prove that they have had required vaccinations on schedule in order to attend school. Also, some sports and other activities require physicals before students can participate. Most extra-curricular activities and field trips require a family doctor’s name and phone number on the application form.

Dental checkups: Dental problems never tend to fix themselves, and they only get worse if left untended. People who see the dentist regularly have a much better chance to get small problems fixed before they turn into big problems. Dentists also use periodic cleanings and dental checkups as a chance to educate children about the best way to care for their teeth.

Eye exams: Most schools schedule onsite eye exams in the fall, but these are not complete and usually not performed by true vision professionals. Even if you have not received a note from school that your child has vision problems, it is still prudent to schedule a yearly appointment with an optometrist. Very often, performance problems in school can be solved with a new pair of glasses.

Does Your Health Insurance Cover Your Child’s Exams?

Nobody doubts that visits to the doctor, dentist and optometrist can get expensive, and that is particularly true if you need to take your entire family for multiple checkups. Good health insurance should cover well-child visits and required vaccinations, but it might still leave you with a lot of out-of-pocket costs even though you pay a very high premium. Additionally, major medical insurance probably does not cover most dental or optometrist bills. We can suggest health insurance policies that include vision and dental services, or we can suggest separate plans if you already have basic coverage through work.

At Basi Insurance Services of Oakdale, CA, we hate to see any of our clients put off necessary back-to-school exams because of the cost. We can help you review your current health insurance to ensure you have the coverage that you need to control your medical expenses and access the best medical providers and services. Simply call to schedule a convenient appointment. We can discuss your needs over the phone or offer to meet with you in person.

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